Tuesday, 25 September 2018

What Is Dual Method Carpet Cleaning?

Your carpet cleaning project is never predictable once you start using it. You have to spend maximum valuable time in cleaning your carpet; you may think that you have used best equipment and chemicals to clean your carpet.
However your carpet looks pretty good after cleaning, but when the carpet dries it really doesn’t look good at all. In fact, you’ll think that the carpet was really clean before cleaning it compared to now.
This will happen due to soil load in the carpet and physical appearance of the remaining soil that is left in the carpet after cleaning. The last task of carpet cleaning is to dry the carpet, where the remaining soil will collect.
Dual methods to clean your carpet
  • Furniture cleaners frequently apply dual cleaning method because they know how the chemicals react on the delicate fibers of the carpet.
  • They use the shampoo solution with an agitation which perfectly suits the carpet fabric and then use warm water extraction to rinse and loosen the soils deposited in the carpet. This will result in superb cleaning job. You can apply the same method to clean any type of carpet, especially those with heavy and ground-in soils. Use the shampoo solution with a rotary scrubber and followed by it hot water extraction. Of use hot water extraction and followed by it use absorbent cloth cleaning or oscillating pad cleaning.
  • The fabulous cleaning are the consequences of extra agitation and soil suspension, once you do absorbent cleaning or oscillating pad cleaning after the hot water extraction, you not only have more agitation but most of the soil is extracted from the squeaky clean carpet.

More than one technician
When you prefer dual cleaning method, the team of two men is the smart idea because it is really difficult for a single person to carry on a dual cleaning task. It is difficult for a single man to immediately switch from one cleaning method to another. With two technicians one can handle one method and other can take care of other jobs such as moving furniture, setting up the cleaning solutions, tools and start preparing for the next method. Therefore in the dual cleaning method time is not wasted and cleaning constantly takes place whether it is home or business with profitable downtime.
Use encapsulation cleaning method for gaining popularity among the customers. This cleaning method is used after hot water extraction. Cleaning professionals use hot water extraction method when the carpets are heavily soiled. One of the very well known problems in carpet cleaning is “Wicking” means an unsatisfactory job. When the professionals follow the encapsulation method cleaning after a day or two days of wicking makes the cleaning job perfect. This is applied in commercial areas more than the residential areas.
Extra agitation
Even though you use the dual cleaning method, use extra agitation technique to achieve better results. Use cylindrical brush which will help the detergent to go deeper into the carpet and saves the extra time on cleaning carpet and effectively removes the soil. Read More about :- Carpet Cleaning Geelong West 

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