Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Best Ways to Prolong the Life of your Carpet

As you know your carpets only look good if they are new or if they are maintained well. After a certain number of years of usage, they need to be replaced. So at that time you don’t need to replace your carpets very often because there are many ways to maintain your carpet in best situation at home and with the correct care and following these simple tips you won’t need to replace your carpets very often:-

Tips to Prolong the Life of Carpets:-
  • The most important and simple method to clean your carpet by vacuuming it regularly. This is probably the single greatest controlling factor that decides how long your carpet will last and how quickly it soils. It may not be the most enjoyable task ever, but it is a very important one and also for your health. By once in a while, we mean twice per week or more often if you have a big family or pets around.

  •   It should be very important for your home that every entry in your that is used should have an outside mat that is rough enough to remove mud and other debris and soil and the inside mat that is absorbent can remove any moisture. The outside mat should be able to withstand the elements and have someplace for the dirt to drop into so that it does not get contaminated.

  • As you know fixed furniture arrangement in your house will wear your carpet in some areas. There will be a build-up of dirt in the areas where there is frequent traffic. To prevent this from happening, move and rearrange the furniture in your house periodically to shift the wear on the most common walking areas.

  • Protect your carpets from direct sunlight. Avoid long hours of direct sunlight on carpet and close the blinds regularly. So you also refer light coloured carpet in sun drenched rooms to minimize fading.

  • If your carpet should be trapped with any stain then use small drop of water may seem harmless, however, whilst it is unlikely to leave a stain - the dirt and bacteria the moisture attracts will. Blot all stains with a dry sponge to avoid staining.


At last with the proper maintenance and care you will be saving more on your carpets overall and you will enjoy the beauty and comfort they bring, much longer.
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