Thursday, 2 March 2017

Are you ready to get Mildew out of Carpet?

As you know we spend lot of time on our carpets at home. Here we walk, play and make ourselves feel relaxed and comfortable on the carpet. After a time you noticed that an area of your carpet doesn’t smell pleasant, this may be a sign that mildew could be lurking above or below the surface. The problem with finding mildew on your carpet is that often the cause lies beneath the carpet. As you know mildew and mould can have serious health consequences for your family if it should be not care properly. At that time you need professional Carpet Cleaning Melbourne services to remove that stains.

Steps to Clean Mildew stains from Carpet:-
  • In the first step vacuum your carpet properly so that it will reduce the thin layer of dust from carpet. While vacuuming you are taking care to pay special attention to the parts of the room where the smell is most prominent. Once the affected area is completely dust-free, you'll be ready for the next step of eliminating the carpet mildew smell.

  • After that you will apply homemade mildew remover. If at that time you have not this solution then mix 1 cup of vinegar with 2 cups of warm water. Be sure to not add too much vinegar, as you don’t want to create too strong of a vinegar smell in your home by over wetting the carpet. After your solution has been applied, allow it to sit for 3 to 5 minutes in order to give it sufficient time to set in and penetrate the unpleasant odour. After that with the help of brush, scrub the part of stain and also on smelly areas.

  • When your mildew stain should be removed and some remaining stains are not removed then you also use baking soda. To remove that remaining spots pour a little bit of baking soda over the freshly cleaned areas. Next, after giving the carpeted area time to air dry, use your vacuum cleaner to suck up the baking soda.

These are the main steps to remove the mildew stains from your carpet. After that if you are not satisfied with these steps and you want to need some more suggestions to take care of your carpet then you will also refer Squeaky Clean Carpet in Melbourne provides professional carpet cleaning services. We help you to take care of your carpet.

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